This is a Script Collection for Lightning Launcher.

This requires Lightning Launcher to be installed:

How to use (Lightning inside functionality)
Open Lightning launcher
Long press on an empty space
Select Scripts, Load a script, Multitool

Current functionality (inside Lightning):
– Show Event related parameters
– Show Container related parameters
– Show Item related parameters
– Show Icons and images for an item
– Attach/Detach all Items
– Resize all detached items
– Delete all Items
– Move (a) specific page(s) to another position. This can be used to change the home page by selecting all items
– Reset Tags
– Reset Tool © by trianguloY
– Save all Layout changes
– Reset the recent apps list

Current functionality (In Script Manager):
– Export Scripts (Backup)
– Import Script
– Autoformat Scripts
– Search in Scripts

– Icons from
– NoNonsense FilePicker by spacecowboy


Download it here.

View sources here.